Makeup Crush Monday

Today is Monday and you know what it is lol.. Makeup Crush Monday there’s a product that I’ve been crushing on & it is…


BH cosmetics

Contour palette

Bh cosmetics is amazing I love their contour palette it has 6 shades of contour and 4 shades on highlighting.  Bh cosmetics will add warm to your skin, its very pigmented , easy to blend , high quality  and if you’re looking for something that’s affordable this is for you it’s only $14.00.

I’m so sorry that I didn’t post last week I was busy my loved one was at the hospital he is doing fine now 🙂 but anyways I hoped you guys like this blog and until next time ” You keep being different while they’re all the same” -MILANKYLAHJO love you guys mwah

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