Beyonce New Music Video “Formation”

Beyonce new song and new video “Formation” just released yesterday February 6, 2016 a day before her performance at the SuperBowl.


I thought the video was very different and you have to listen to what she’s saying in order to understand the song. I like how they did it in New Orleans because her mother’s family is from Louisana. Then she talks about her wealth, Blue Ivy, New Orleans, Pro Black, and BlackLivesMatter.




The style in the music video was very 90’s, french-inspired style.


My favorite part in the music video was when she talks about Blue Ivy’s hair ” I like my baby hair , with baby hair and afro’s.”Blue-Ivy-Beyonce-Formation-Music-Video-Pictures.jpg

Meaning she doesn’t care about what y’all say about Blue Ivy’s hair and I like the part when the song is about to end and she says ” Always stay gracious best revenge is your paper”. Which, is true.




If you’re a tidal member you can watch the music video on tidal and if you’re not you can watch it on her website.