Woman Crush Wednesday (WCW)

Today is Woman Crush Wednesday and I will be telling you my woman crush she is so beautiful ,  has a youtube channel , artist , and a vlogger…she is..


Iamghogho is one of my favorite makeup youtubers I look up to her so much.  She was the one who inspired me into wearing turban styles I absolutely fell in love with turban ever since. If you’re looking for a nude makeup look.. Iamghogho is definitely for you.  If you’re reading this Gho Gho, I love you so much keep inspiring young black girls to do what they love .. Love you!!

Instagram: @iamghogho

Twitter: @iamghogho

Snapchat:  @mia_gho

I hoped you like this blog make sure you give it a big thumbs up and tell me who is your wcw? Until next time ” You keep being different while they’re all the same” -MILANKYLAHJO love you guys

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Twitter: @milankylahjo

Snapchat: @milankylahjo

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