How To Wake Up Early For School

wake p.jpg

Some people have trouble with waking up early for school so i will be telling you some of my tips that I do for waking up early for school.


1. Download Sleep Cycle app.

Sleep Cycle.png

The Sleep Cycle app really helps me a lot was i use to be late bird until i found this app. Sleep Cycle alarm clock tracks your sleep patterns , wakes you up during your light sleep and it’s the natural way to wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed.


2.  Go to bed early.

Go to bed like around 9-11 pm if you’re like a young kid then i suggest around 9pm but if you’re a teenager then 10pm or 11pm.


3.  Prepare for the next day.

Prepare for what you have to wear tomorrow so you can save a lot of time the next morning.


4. When everything’s prepared , go to bed early.

Make sure you go to bed early no later then 9-10  hours before you need to be awake.


5. Play music.

Play music on your phone when you wake up while you’re getting ready for school or whatever because of the sound of it should put you in a better mood in the morning.




I hoped i helped you on how to wake up for school early 🙂 and please don’t forget to like and follow me on here. Until next time “You keep being different while they’re all them same” -MILANKYLAHJO love you guys see you Monday.

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