Throwback Thursday! (TBT)

Today is Thursday and I will be posting a throwback tv show that I use to watch all the time it was funny and addicting to me .. It is..


Total Drama Island

Just incase some of you young people that haven’t seen or heard of this tv show . Total Drama Island is about an island retreat where 22 teens compete in extreme challenges  while vying for $100,000 grand prize. My favorite characters of the tv show was

Bridgette, Trent, and Gwen were very chill , fun to hang out with , and laid back BUT very competitive. Total Drama Island was the show back in my day I wish they can do another season so if you want to watch it is on Netflix.




Sorry, this blog was so late i was suppose to upload this hours ago but i had family issues ..BUT ANYWAYS! I hope you like this blog give this a like and sign up to keep up with me when i post blogs. Until next time “You keep being different while they’re the same” -MILANKYLAHJO LOVE YOU GUYS!!!



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