WCW “Woman Crush Wednesday”

Today is Wednesday and it is #wcw  I’ve been hiding it for so long she’s a phenomial beautiful woman , I watch her on YouTube I love her so much and she is a BEAST at makeup. She is…



Itsmyrayeraye is a makeup artist she does makeup really good and she also has a lipstick called “STINGRAYE” and “RAYEZOR” in Colourpop . I have her “STINGRAYE” and it is so good i love the color it really looks good on my skin tone and it will look good on all skin colors i think . The lipstick is long-lasting and dries up really QUICK lol one time I had it on at 1 pm and then when I got home at 9pm it was still on . I’ve never had a lipstick was like this stay on before for so long lol. But anyways she is my WCW i look up to her and if you’re reading this itsmyrayeraye I LOVE YOUUU lol

Instagram : @itsmyrayeraye

Youtube : @itsmyrayeraye

Twitter : @itsmyrayeraye

Comment below and tell me who’s your #wcw… until next time “You being different while they’re are all the same” -MILANKYLAHJO

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