Back-To-School Fashion Apps

BACK TO SCHOOL FASHIONToday I’ll be telling you  some fashion apps for Back-To-School because some people are getting ready for Back-To-School and some people are already in school.



DressCast is app for weather inspired styles from Fashion experts. So let’s say you don’t know what to wear or you don’t know what kind of clothes you should wear because of the weather on that day. DressCast will give you all kinds of outfits like casual , vintage, and urban style on that day . It will show you your location lets say you really like the outfit thats given to you and you would like to know more about it just tap”Tap For More”.

 I definitely recommend this app if you’re that type of person who needs help finding something to wear at the last minute or you don’t know what kind of clothes you should wear this app is for you my friend . 🙂



Polyvore is a outfit ideas app that discovers outfits, you can also style your own look, and you can shop products.  They have some cute outfit ideas these are my favorites ..I’m very into urban style my favorite one is the third one because that can be a  perfect outfit for going to an art museum that would be so cute.



she in


SHE-IN is my favorite app I love it because they have very cheap clothes and accessories. I always look at their sunglasses ( I love sunglasses btw) because they always have cute sunshades for like $10 so  if you want some cute shades for Back-To-School go check them out .



Depop is one of my favorite apps for selling my clothes and phone cases. ( I have whole lot of IPhone 6 cases)  What it does is you could sell anything you want or you can shop on their like clothes, accessories, furniture and more. You can connect with people all over the world who you want to see their clothing or personal things. It’s kinda like you’re thrift shopping but on an app!DEPOP 678.jpg

If you want to get rid of any junk at your house this app is for you or you want to buy some clothes for Back-To-School this app is for you too!

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I’m sorry you guys i  was supposed to post this yesterday but i was busy so i posted it today expect AppGeek every (Tuesday), Wcw every (Wednesday) , Tbt (Thursday) , Makeup Crush Monday (Monday) and Friday i don’t know what i should do on fridays let me know in the comments below .. but anyways ! LOL I hope I helped you for Back-To-School and comment below and tell me when do you go back to school I go in September ! until next time “You keep being different while they’re the same” -MILANKYLAHJO LOVE YOU GUYS MUAH!


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