6 Hacks For Back-To-School

School is coming around soon before you know it! so I will be giving you 6 hacks for Back-To-School and how to have a better school year.



  1.  Setting your wallpaper as your schedule.

It would be so much easier putting your wallpaper as your schedule because  so you won’t have to carry it around everywhere you go or you might end up loosing it so why not put your wallpaper as your schedule?

meeting new People

2. Meeting new people.

Act like you already know the person just be yourself and start a conversation. Like by complimenting the person , their name, and what’s their schedule etc.


back to school planner

3. Have a planner.

Having a planner will seriously make your life so non- stress relief. Write down what you plan on that day and I guarantee your life will be so organize.


4. Write down important information before a test.

Write down important information on a sticky note or whatever. This will help you with remembering the important things on your test.


5. Record your voice studying.

I use this hack a lot it helps remember a whole lot of things instead of reading on a piece of paper. We all have different ways of studying and this is my way of studying.



6. Have a water bottle.

I always bring a water bottle with me to school because I’m always hungry I never eat cafeteria food (am I the only one ?) so I just bring my food and a water bottle . This can also help you getting in the habit of drinking more water.


I hope I helped you with these 6 hacks ..tell me what is your favorite subject in school? mine is History i just love history 🙂 until next time be you 🙂


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