Netflix and Chill Out!

Do you ever feel like you ran out of movies and tv shows on Netflix? Here are a few suggestions that i recommend that you should definitely watch.

pretty little liars

Pretty Little Liars

(Tv show)

Pretty Little Liars is one of my favorite tv shows. Pretty Little Liars is about a clique of teenage girls drift apart after the group’s leader, Alison Dilaurentis, goes missing. Her body is found and the girls are reunited at her funeral. All four begin receiving text messages from the mysterious “A”, who seems to know many of their darkest secrets. The girls join forces against A’s scheming and try to uncover the mystery of Alison’s death.

bates motel


Bates Motel

(Tv show)

Bates Motel is one of my favorite tv show i literally watch it almost everyday. Bates Motel is about Norman Bates being potrayed as a regular young man. As the show goes on Norma (Mom) and Norman’s relationship gives us insight to how Norman came to be the way he is. The ratings are 5 stars.





Dope is about a high-school senior name Malcolm and his 2 friends Jib and Diggy. They get invited to an underground party leads him and his friends into a Los Angles adventure. Definitely recommend this if you want to laugh. (WARNING : NUDITY)

just another girl on the irt

Just Another Girl On The I.R.T.


 Just Another Girl On The I.R.T. is about a high school student name Chantel Mitchell’s dreams of escaping her poor Brooklyn neighborhood are jeopardized when she realizes she is pregnant.

Hope you guys like this blog make sure you like and follow this blog and comment below and tell me what’s your favorite tv show or movie on Netflix. Love you guys see you soon.

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