4 Favorite Fashion Youtubers

Hello you guys today I will be telling you about my 4 favorite fashion youtubers that might help you with your personal style.





ToThe9s are duo fashion influencers, Ricci Pamintuan and Cassie Masangkay. They are Asian college students from Vacouver. They created a youtube channel called “ToThe9s”. ToThe9s are my favorite because they both have tomboyish styles. I would definitely recommend them because their style is your young girls.

Youtube Channel : ToThe9s

Instagram: @wearetothe9s



shirley Shirley B. Eniang

Shirley B. Eniang is a blogger and Youtuber from London. She loves doing fashion, photography and writing. Her youtube channel is based on style, beauty, shopping and DIY. I definitely recommend her.. because her style is very classy and she inspires young woman.

Youtube Channel: Shirley B. Eniang

Instgram: @shirleybeniang

Snapchat: @shirleybeniang


Drew Scott is a Photographer, Blogger and Youtuber. He loves taking pictures, fashion and food. His youtube channel is based on menswear and lifestyle. The reason why I love him is because he has great taste, urban style and I love how he uses white backgrounds in his visuals.

Youtube Channel : ImDrewScott

Instagram: @imdrewscott

Snapchat: @imdrewscott



JennIm aka Clothesencounters was born and raised in Los Angles. On her Youtube Channel, she shows other style, tutorials, and advice . She has over 1 million subscribers. The reason why I love her is because she has high quality videos, great music, and has a unique style . (kinda similiar to my style)

YouTube Channel : JennIm

Instgram: @imjennim

Snapchat: @jennimsnaps





Hope you guys like this blog and comment below and tell me who is your favorite youtuber and why ? love you guys see you soon 🙂


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