Apps I Use To Edit My Photos

Almost everyday someone asks me ” What app do you use to make your pictures look so cool?” Well keep reading and I’ll tell my favorite photo editing apps.


vsco cam

VSCO cam

VSCO cam is a very good app to share your photos, discover  a community of photo lovers and to edit your photos with more filters. The reason why I like this app is because you have many filters to choose from and the community of photographers. My favorite photo filters are 03, HB2, S2, SE3. The coolest feature on VSCO cam is the community of collectives. Not everyone gets featured in their collective but I was lucky enough to get featured so if you want to check it out here’s the link .





Afterlight is a paid app ($0.99). I only use it when I want a grainy photo but I recommend this app to the people that like bright filters.





If you were looking for an app to add text to your photo I recommend Phonto because it has a variety of fonts to choose from and it’s easy to use.




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